The Majestic Sea of Galilee


                Holy Freshwater

                The Sea of Galilee, known in Hebrew as Kinneret, is one of the most important locations in the whole of Israel. Not only is the freshwater lake the most significant source of water for Israel, but it’s also important historically, strategically, and of course, religiously (for it was here that Jesus is said to have walked on the water and protected His disciples from great storms). For all of those reasons, the Sea of Galilee is well worth a visit, and a guided Galilee tour, like the incredible tours offered by Touryourway, is almost imperative if you want to know all the fascinating things about it. But just to get you going, here’s a few things you should know about the Kinnereth.


                The Majestic Sea of Galilee

                The word “Kinneret” seems to be derived from the Hebrew word for violin, which suits the lake beautifully both for its shape and the amazing sound of birds that is heard throughout the area. While the spring itself geographically divides between Israel and Syria, it is considered not only safe but one of the most popular tourist attractions. The lake is usually calm, is chill throughout the summer and is free to access, not to mention absolutely beautiful. For that reason, the Sea of Galilee (which is not actually a sea) is a noteworthy attraction for any traveler coming to Israel.


                Tiberius: Where the Old Meets the New

                Standing above the Sea of Galilee are several cities, small towns and kibbutzes, but not one of them is quite as famous as the city of Tiberius. For Jews it is one of the holiest cities in existents, containing many ancient synagogues with rich Jewish history as well as one of the most thriving Jewish communities of Israel. For Christians, it is equally as important. Many churches are built in or just outside the city who is oft mention in the New Testament and many of Jesus’ miracles were performed in its vicinity.

Today, Tiberius is a lively tourist city with many great hotels and attractions. In addition, it is also one of the biggest cities in the Israeli north and close to many of the area’s other points of interest, which makes it an ideal spot for tourists who want to tour the Israeli north.



                What to do: Take the free Kinneret round tour bus, leaving from Galil Center and stopping at every shore of the Sea of Galilee. The bus ride is 2 hours long and it’s a great way to see the lake from all sides. Choose one that you like, take your towel and go dipping!

Where to eat: Garcia is a fantastic Israeli-Italian restaurant with a beautiful view of the lake and a great and affordable menu by one of Israel’s greatest chefs. Donna Garcia 5, Tiberius.

Where to Stay: The Scots Hotel was built by the Curch of Scotland during the 19th century, and they still run it to this very day. Once a hospice and a monastery, today it is one of the most unique and luxurious hotels in Tiberius. Gdud Barak St., Tiberius.