The south of Israel, the Negev, is where the unchanging desert still carries the feeling of those biblical times when the great Jewish prophets and kings walked the land. This is a place for soul searching and for following in the footprints of our ancient ancestors, but also to marvel at how well the early and modern Israelis managed to take this unfruitful land and cultivate it into a productive agricultural empire. In short, southern Israel is the place of miracles.

Whether you're considering a trip to Be’er Sheva, the capital of the south, or Eilat, Israel’s prime vacation target, or any of the smaller settlements in between, the experience of the south is as vast as the area itself.

If you yearn for peace, quiet and serenity, for down to earth culture, biblical sites and historical monuments, then the south should positively be one your mind.

While the south is generally safe and all the sites we will mentioned are secure, it is important to note that the Israeli south includes the Gaza strip and as a result if more exposed to rocket attacks. We urge you to visit these areas to learn the truth of the conflict from the people who experience it and support those communities that need your support the most.