Many people go to New Zealand to look at the sets where great battle scenes like those shown in the Lord of the Rings movies take place, it is thus a shame that not more visit lowland Israel where the big blockbuster battles of history has taken place. Whether you are talking the war between Gideon and the Midianites, Devora and Barak’s battle with Sisera or Saul’s tackle with the Amalekites, the lowland is where biblical history in Israel gets down to business.

Even without bringing your sword and shield, lowlands Israel offers a great combination of entertainment, far and recent history, and nature. If the north of Israel is like Europe and the south is like a desert, lowlands Israel is comparable to nothing. Its spirit is unique, and its beauty completely its own.

While the lowlands are not as prone to tourist hoards as the other areas, this form the lowlands’ charm. It is quite like the south without being as hot, it is versatile like the north without being far from the rest of the country. And the experiences you’ll have here, you are going to speak of for a long time.

So come and discover the lowlands, the magic that is Israel at its most unique.