In every Passover, we Jews pray to visit the holy Jerusalem during the next year. Indeed, there is not much to say about Jerusalem that has not already been said; the timeless capital, city of gold, set on all sides by beautiful forest mountains and containing remnants from over four thousand years of Jew (and goy) history.

But Jerusalem is also a living city, the city of its people; from the devout religious Hassidics to hip students, Jerusalem is a city that is always vibrant and alive in many ways, and offers travelers many possibilities. Whether you’re more interested in the wall of wailing or the Ben Yehuda market, Jerusalem has got you covered.

But if ever a city needed a good guide, it is Jerusalem. With a city that contains so much, you’d do well to listen to the experienced, and no one is as experienced as us. We will take you through the backstreets and the alleys, give you a heads up for all those incredible sites that many other tourists rush over. We will show you the holy city like no one has ever shown you before.

So read on to find out just how holy the holiest city in the world can get.

עמוד ירושלים