Featuring Jewish Sites in Lowlands Israel

Amongst the many exciting Jewish sites in lowlands Israel, few are as mysterious and amazing as the hidden caves of the Beit Guvrin area. These caves are remnants of the time of the Maccabi rebellion and were used by Shimon Bar Kokhba and his people to fight the Roman occupation of Israel. These unbelievable caves were used both for sneak attacks and hiding civilians who were prosecuted by the local government. Many of these caves remain standing to this day, and offer an exciting Jewish heritage site that is definitely worth checking out!


Zichri Cave


The Zichri caves are some of the best examples of Maccabi caves at the area. The Zichri cave is never overcrowded, and is very nice to visit during the summer. Since this was a hiding cave, you have to crawl through certain area of the caves, and you should definitely get a map online before you come, but these are truly phenomenal caves.

Driving instructions: From route 38 turn to route 353 by Li-on. Continue for a few hundred yards past the turn to Luzit and turn right. Continue for a third of a mile and park your car.

Tel Azeka Caves

While the Zichri cave is an absolute delight, Tel Azeka provides no less of an experience. While the Zichri caves are better preserved, The Tel Azeka caves have an extra benefit to them: Azeka has a beautiful view to the Ella valley, where David and Goliath fought. Not a bad return for a singel day trip, huh?

Driving instructions: To get to Tel Azeka, drive south on route 38, turn right in Azeka junction then go immediately to the left to a dirt road. When you get to a T fork turn right. When you get to the crossroad, turn left and proceed for a quarter of mile until you see signs on the rocks. Park next to the signs that signal the beginning of the track and climb up the hill until you reach the entrance of the cave.


Other attractions in the Area:

What to see: The Zichri cave is located in proximity to the Beit Guvrin Caves, which have a beautifully constructed bell cave.

Where to eat: The nearby city of Kiryat Gat offers many great restaurants. Try to check out Kramim, known for its great meat dished, which is located in Sgula.

Where to stay: Beit Guvrin Kibbutz resides in the same area in the cave and is one of the most active centers of life in lowlands Israel. The Beit Guvrin hospice will be glad to have you, just set your GPS to Beit Guvrin and ask one of the friendly locals for instructions.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring flashlights!