Amazing Israel Day Tours from Tel Aviv


Best Israeli Day Tours from Tel Aviv

Welcome to Israel! You have just landed, and you’re probably on your way to Tel Aviv, the middle east’s most attractive metropolis. Tel Aviv offers a great variety of things to see and do and great many people to meet, but if that city beat has got you ready for a trip, Tel Aviv’s central location also makes it a prime spot to go on day tours from. BeinHarim Tours from Tel Aviv¬†offer many exciting trips heading from Tel Aviv, so let’s talk about locations that are worth a visit nearby.

Jerusalem, The Holy City

Israel is not a big place, and Jerusalem is just an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv. BeinHarim Tours offer many exciting tours to Jerusalem, a city that is worth a day even if you’re not making it the focus of your visit. Holding many exciting attractions both old and new, tours to Jerusalem are some of the best day tours from Tel Aviv.

What to see: the Yad Vashem holocaust memorial museum is a must in a trip to Jerusalem. Not an easy experience, but still a greatly significant one. Yad Vashem is located on Memory Mount.

Where to eat: Jachnoon Bar, a Jerusalemite local food mini chain, is responsible for creating the Memulauach, a true Israeli guilty pleasure and the unsung hero of the city’s culinary experience. There are two branches, one located in Mahne Yehuda market and the other in Hillel 28.

Where to sleep: King David hotel, renowned for its luxurious design and great service, is located just outside the ancient city and has a beautiful view of it. King David 23.

The Dead Sea

Whether you’re looking for excitement or relaxation, a one-day trip from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea is perfect for anyone! You can go relax by the beach and absorb the healthy minerals or pack your bags and go take a hike on the amazing mountains, and if you’re feeling up to it, why not both?

What to do: A guided tour in the area can teach you a lot about the complex international negotiations and interesting history behind the Dead Sea, as well as guide you through the beautiful environment.

What to eat: Auvers, a restaurant located in Ein Gedi kibbutz, stands in front of an impressive and ancient baobab tree and serves some of the best food in the area. The restaurant is located in the Ein Gedi Hotel.

Where to stay: David Dead Sea Spa Resort is a professional hotel which had become a favorite for many Israelis because of its great service and short distance from the dead sea. Located in Ein Bokek main street.